Form 2 - Marching Entry Form



Description of what is requested for the field
Organization Event:

941-Marching Band

By default, 941-Marching Band is listed as the Organization Event.
Performing Group Type

Use the Drop-Down List to choose the type of group (Varsity, Non-Varsity, etc). Then use TAB key "or" MOUSE to move to next field.
Number of Students


Enter the total number of student members of the marching band.
Contest Name

Use the Drop-Down List to choose the contest you are entering. The exec sec would normally have all contests "setup" so all you would have to do is choose the appropriate contest. IF the contests are not setup, you will need to enter the DATE and DEADLINE for the event you are entering.
Contest Date


There is a Drop-Down Calendar for you to use to enter the DATE of the event if the contests are not listed. IF you selected a contest (already setup by exec sec) from the "contest list", the Contest Date and Deadline Date will be filled in automatically.

(Clicking "submit" automatically submits the form to the exec sec.)

Click on "Submit" button! The FORM 2 will appear and can be printed and mailed (if required) to the respective person. And that's all folks with regard to preparing a FORM 2.