The ONLINE ENTRY process can be utilized on any computer, anytime, and anywhere.
Equipment needed: computer, internet access
Browsers: "Internet Explorer" (works best), "Netscape", etc

Some regions receive and process the forms submitted (including the "printing" of the forms) and other regions require the
directors to PRINT THEIR OWN forms and mail them in. Check with your region executive secretary to determine the
procedure utilized in your region.

Step 1 - Access your region webpage via internet connection (EXAMPLE:
Step 2 - Click on the "ONLINE REGISTRATION" link on the website.

"STEP-BY-STEP" INSTRUCTIONS [If needed, PRINT the instructions and have them accessible before starting
your "ONLINE ENTRY" procedure.]

STEP 1 - Click on the following link to access the ONLINE ENTRY system. (

The starting page includes a prompt to REGISTER or DIRECTOR LOG IN or SECRETARY LOG IN. If this is your first visit, it is necessary to REGISTER. The following detailed information explains HOW and WHAT to enter in the REGISTER FORM.

FIELD EXAMPLES Description of what is requested for the field
Director Name

EX: Larry D. Kingsley

Enter your name the way you want it to appear on forms.
Email Address

EX: [email protected]

An email address is required. Use the address you check
most frequently.
School Name

EX: Grapesville HS

Directors from the same school and division (band or orch or choral)
should enter the school name in the same format. It's okay to use abbreviations for identification:
HS for High School | MS for Middle School | JH for Junior High

EX: 1234 Anywhere Ave

Use the SCHOOL mailing address

EX: Grapesville

City where the school is located
Zip Code

EX: 76240-2157

Use 9-digit Zip Code "if known". 5-digit Zip Code "is okay"!

EXAMPLE: (940) 688 1020

Use ONLY numbers and parenthesis as the example shows.
Select a Login name

EX: LDKingsley

Use something you can remember as this will be used to LOGIN each time you are ready to submit entries. [Write it DOWN for yourself!]
Select your Password

EX: yelsgnik

The password entered as EXAMPLE happens to be my last name spelled backwards. REMEMBER yout password as it is necessary for LOGIN.
UIL Region/Conference



The designation in these fields is "critical" to the submission of entries to the proper region AND conference of your school. BE ACCURATE!
For Use With Band Choir Orch Click on the button representative of your division. IF you teach band
and orchestra, REGISTER for each activity but use a slightly different name for LOGIN. (EX: JSmith-B JSmith-O)
After filling in all the info, CLICK on the REGISTER button at the bottom.

Your profile will be activated immediately after you register. If you have questions or problems using this form, please contact us by e-mail: UIL forms support

STEP 2 - Welcome Page with listing of FORMS for entering specific contests

EX: Welcome Larry D. Kingsley, Grapesville HS

Form 1 - Entry Form
Form 2 - Marching
Form 3 - Twirling
Form 4 - Concert
Form 5 - Sight Reading
Form 6 - Solo/Ensemble
Form 7 - Percussion Ensemble
Form 8 - Medium Ensemble
Form 9 - Certification Form

Each form listed (underlined) is a LINK to the ENTRY PROCEDURE for that particular form. Choose the form relative to the
event being entered and CLICK on that link.

The following information explains the procedure for EACH form.

Form 1 - Entry Form

Heading = Prepare UIL Form 1 ENTRY FORM
This page allows you to "prepare" a FORM 1 to be printed and mailed to the
executive secretary or contest chair or other designee. Check your regions
procedures to determine what process is used! Click
HERE for more detail
with regard to preparing a FORM 1.

Form 2 - Marching

Heading = Prepare UIL Form 2 - MARCHING
HERE for more detail with regard to preparing a FORM 2.

Form 3 - Twirling

Refer to FORM 6 instructions.

Form 4 - Concert

Heading = Prepare Concert Form (Form 4)
HERE for more detail with regard to preparing a FORM 4.

Form 5 - Sight Reading

You do NOT need to prepare a FORM 5 because each organization entry FORM 4
creates a FORM 5 for the organization entered.

Form 6 - Solo/Ensemble

Heading = Prepare Solo/Ensemble Form (Form 6)
HERE for more detail with regard to preparing a FORM 6.

Form 7 - Percussion Ensemble

Same basic procedure as FORM 6.

Form 8 - Medium Ensemble

Same basic procedure as FORM 6 "except" there is no PML list for Med. Ens.

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